Health benefits of apple cider vinegar in water

If you have ever suffered from Acid Reflux, you know the pain and discomfort that it causes to almost every aspect of your life. One of the biggest benefits of apple cider vinegar in water is that it can stabilise the acid levels in your stomach and eliminate Acid Reflux from your life. But Are the health claims about apple cider vinegar true? We hear almost daily about the best new treatments for illness, or weight loss and believe in the stories without any scientific evidence to back it up. However, the benefits of apple cider vinegar in water have been proven! They actually really do work, and there is scientific evidence as well as anecdotal evidence from people who have tested its abilities. Some other uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar are, in the first place, it kills harmful bacteria in your body. Secondly, it lowers blood sugar levels and fights diabetes, due to improving insulin sensitivity. Thirdly, it helps in weight loss as it actually makes you feel fuller for longer. Fourthly, it contributes to lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Several animal studies suggest that apple cider vinegar reduces blood triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure, however, this is yet to be confirmed in human studies.Last but not least, another theory that is yet to be confirmed in human studies is the use of apple cider vinegar in reducing the risk of cancer being found in your body. Although there are many uses for ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) that have been proven and scientifically tested it is always a good idea to independently verify any claim made about health benefits.

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