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Understanding Nutrition Terminology

Nutrition is the science that deals with how nutrients and other substances in the food that we eat interact in relation to the growth, maintenance, reproduction and health of those who consume it. Nutrition terminology is used to define different categories or classes of nutrition. These include carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, starch and many more classifications. The nutrition terminology helps us understand the different requirements the body has in terms of the food we eat. It is used in providing a balanced diet for people with special medical needs like a person with diabetes. It is helpful especially in understanding food labels. One may refer to the calories count in a specific meal when deciding whether or not to have it. This terminology is commonly used in almost every packaged food so as to show a breakdown of nutrients one would be consuming. It is important to understand the definitions of these nutrition terms and food labels to avoid instances such as those of allergic reactions to certain food ingredients.

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