About Me

You know how there are some people who are experts in particular topics even though their education or career have nothing to do with it? It might be the result of a number of personal experiences, or preferences. In my case, it was my parents. They had a number of health issues (high blood sugar and blood pressure, most importantly) and all these have to be regularly tracked. They are also the types that do not understand and do not want to understand technology, so it fell upon me to figure out how to track their diseases and make sure they were getting better.

I’m Annabel and this is how I learnt so much about cardiovascular health, it’s symptoms and cures. I do my best to know all about the latest improvements in the field, especially as far as treatments and products measuring blood pressure and glucose levels are concerned. This blog is an attempt at collecting my knowledge in one place and sharing it with others who might use this knowledge for themselves.

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