Healthy foods for the heart

Healthy foods for the heart

If you include these healthy foods in your daily diet, the risk of cardiovascular disease can be reduced. They contain nutrients that help your heart become stronger. Let us investigate these healthy foods.

(1) Fish – Fish are generally high in Omega 3 acids. Omega 3 acids help regulate cholesterol levels in your blood, which in turn keeps the heart healthy.

(2) Nuts – Nuts contain fat, but they are a healthy fat. Walnuts and almonds are particularly good for heart health.

(3) Berries – Berries are really good for the immune system and the heart. You should especially try blueberries, cranberries, strawberries or raspberries. The best way is to eat them raw or mix them with yogurt.

(4) Tomatoes – Tomatoes are rich in the nutrient Lycopene. Lycopene boosts the body’s natural antioxidants that keep the heart healthy. According to research reports from South Korea, lycopene in tomatoes also protects against DNA damage.

(5) Broccoli – This vegetable has loads of nutrients like potassium, folate, calcium, fibre and Vitamins C and E. All of these are good for a healthy heart.

5 Benefits of Regular Exercise

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercise should be drilled into daily routine. Medical research shows that regular physical activity is required for the body to function normally. With the city life taking away the play fields and less and most of the work being on the desk, exercise daily is the only way to keep healthy. Here are some great benefits of regular exercise.

  1. Exercise controls occurrence of Cholesterol – Regular exercise burns the extra fat which is the basis of high levels of HDL and triglycerides. The increased heart rate and blood flow keeps the heart in good shape. So you will have fewer chances of heart diseases.
  2. Weight Control – Exercise helps to burn calories and helps the body to grow strong. In the process you will see the effect of exercise on weight. People who do regular exercise have a stable weight very much within the BMI
  3. Helps remove stress – If you had a bad day at office and are under stress, try the cross fit regime. I have one sand bag hung in my balcony and whenever I feel stress, boxing the bag is the way to remove stress. Even light exercises like brisk walk have been seen to improve the general mood.
  4. Energy boost for body and brain – Regular exercise not only improves muscle strength and endurance but also the energy level. When the heart and lung will work properly the energy levels are bound to go up.
  5. Exercise boosts libido – With the energy levels up, exercise has a positive effect on libido making your sexual life much better. Common problems related to sex will vanish with regular exercise.

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2 Unique Home Remedies to Combat Sinus Infections

A bout of sinus infection makes one irritable because of the extreme discomfort it brings in its wake. The uncomfortable congestion often leads to aching facial muscles and dull headaches. Whether it is acute or chronic sinusitis; an easy and quick relief from the congestion is sought by one and all.

Before we discuss the simple but innovative ways in which you can combat sinusitis from the comfort of your home, let us just understand what sinusitis actually is. Sinuses are small cavities in skull that are actually filled with air. It is the responsibility of the sinuses to produce mucus and ensure that the air you breathe in is free of any allergens or pollutants before it is passed on to the lungs. An inflammation of the tissues that line the sinuses due to an infection or any other reason is known as sinusitis.

Due to the swelling the sinuses get blocked. The air and the mucus end up getting trapped in the sinuses. This is also the primary reason why a sinus infection leads to blockages and aches and pains.

The most common impulse is to resort to over the counter medicines. However, there are a lot of simple remedies that can give you instant relief from the oppression of sinusitis right at home.


  1. Proper Ventilation

Technology is a double edged sword. With the onset of heaters and air conditioners the need to keep a room or the house insulated has become a priority in households. This also means that the chances are higher that you are trapping stale air within the room making it work for the sinusitis instead of against it.

When you are suffering from sinusitis and you get a good, warm day; open the doors and windows once in a while and let the fresh air in. Let the sunlight in and allow it to filter your room and cleanse it of the bacteria. You will notice improvement in the discomfort you have been experiencing so far.

  1. Onion Steaming

It sounds funny and obnoxious but it is one the most effective treatments for instant relief from sinusitis. Chop up some onions and mince some garlic. Put them in a bowl. Add some boiling water to this mix. Take a towel and cover it over your head. Inhale the onion vapors for about ten minutes. You will feel the congestion begin to clear up.

Diabetes – How to fight it naturally….

Diabetes is a disease with no proven cure. It is only with control, that you can live longer. But can you again get back to eating sweets and other things you love? Well it does not have a cure in the popular chemical based medicine. However there are enough natural remedies that can cure of diabetes, and I am not joking. A few tricks can help you be healthy even if you cannot get rid of it completely.

Natural Treatment for Diabetes

  • Drink Pomegranate Juice daily – A doctor will advise you against it. He would say that juice has sugars and should not be a part of daily diet. However startling results have been found by Israeli researchers. The juice not only fills you with energy but also does not have much effect on sugar levels. Pomegranate has a unique property of preventing deposit of fatty acids on artery walls which is a major cause of death in diabetics. Start drinking and live longer!
  • Induce natural insulin production with garlic – It has been a home remedy in many cultures to eat roasted garlic in the morning to control blood pressure. However little is known about the insulin production inducing property. Allicin a natural compound present in garlic, induces pancreas to produce insulin, and in some cases patient hardly needs insulin injection. Amazing isn’t it?
  • Pumpkin the wonder – It has always been regarded as a vegetable with not much to offer. However a recent research has proved that pumpkin has certain chemicals that regenerate pancreatic cells. Useful for Type I and Type II diabetes. So have pumpkin in daily diet. It can even cure diabetes.

These are few natural cures for diabetes. There is no medicine or injection involved, so try it as soon as possible and get rid of the life with control!

Bayer Blood Pressure Monitor

High blood pressure or hypertension as it is called can be very serious if not controlled. High blood pressure can be silent within a body for many years before symptoms appear. If not checked the problems can lead to a big disruption in your life style, causing disability or even a heart attack. Monitoring your blood pressure on a regular basis can help you spot a problem early enough for it to be controlled. Busy people lead busy lives and cannot always attend proper medical checkups, even if you can, a Bayer blood pressure monitor in your home means you can check your blood pressure any time you are concerned. Certain life style habits can increase your chance of high blood pressure, stress, caffeine, obesity, smoking, lack of physical exercise to name a few. Changing some of your bad habits can reduce the risk but there are also factors inherent in your make up like age, race and family genetics that you can do nothing about but stay alert for any increases in your own blood pressure readings. When you read your blood pressure  you are measuring the amount of blood pumping around the body and the resistance to the blood flow in the arteries. You are actually taking two readings; the diastolic and systolic. You will often see the measurements written as two numbers. Your blood pressure does not stay the same it can be effected by a number of factors for example your sleep pattern or physical activity. Normally a good time to read your blood pressure is after a period of rest about 5-10 minutes, and before you have a cup of coffee and a cigarette! You may need to take your blood pressure a number of times a day to note any fluctuations but then identify a regular time to take it daily if required.

  • The Systolic measures the blood pressure when the heart is pumping blood.
  • The Diastolic measures the blood pressure between the beats when the heart is at rest.


Diagram showing the systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings
Blood Pressure reading.

The measurement is taken in millimeters of Mercury (mmHg) the first reading is the ‘systolic’ and the second lower reading is the ‘diastolic’; read more about blood pressure readings and how they can affect you online. A Bayer blood pressure monitor or an Omron m2 blood pressure monitor makes taking your blood pressure easy. Gone are the days of sphygmomanometers, new tech and design makes reading your blood pressure very straightforward.

Sphygmomanometer with self read display  and no control over cuff pressure
Older style blood pressure monitor
omron m2 blood pressure monitor easy use monitor with Intelligence Technology
omron m2 blood pressure monitor








Today’s digital blood pressure monitors can include an upper arm cuff with Intelligence Technology; this means the cuffs will not become too tight on the arm and give a false reading. The automatic monitors also show if the cuff has been placed correctly. The display indicates the reading on clear easy to read large displays. There is also a reference to previous readings for comparison. Depending on the model of monitor it will also indicate if an irregular heart beat is found. Follow the manuals carefully when using your blood pressure monitor, normally available as downloads, but as a general rule, sit with your arm at heart level, ensure you have an empty bladder (a full one gives higher readings) remove any tight arm clothing, and sit up straight on a chair legs uncrossed. If you are concerned your blood pressure is too high you need to see your Dr to have him view your readings and make a thorough control. Blood pressure readings are affected by many factors as outlined above and if you do have a high reading then there are a number of options open to you. Your Doctor may prescribe a course of medication to manage the high blood pressure. Losing weight, keeping to a low salt diet, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and exercising will all assist you in controlling your high blood pressure. Stopping smoking and reducing alcohol intake needs to be seriously considered for a healthier life style. Regular blood pressure checks can be non intrusive into your day when you have your own blood pressure monitor. Buying a blood pressure monitor for personal use could be the best investment you can make for your health but it is important that you discuss your readings with your Doctor.


Dental Implants : The Answer to Lost Teeth


Dental Implant

The Process of Implant

  • Drilling the Pilot Hole – A small hole is drilled at the site of implant. The CT scans shows the dentist the right place to drill without damaging vital jaw and face structures like the alveolar nerve in the lower jaw.
  • Implant Placement – After drilling the pilot hole it is lowly widened. The titanium screw is the placed in the hole with a protective cover screw. Then the patient needs to wait for six months. During this period osseointegration occurs.
  • Abutment Placement – After osseointegration has taken place the part connecting the titanium root to the teeth is placed. This device is known as abutment may be placed during the implant placement.
  • Temporary Crown Placement – After abutment is placed a temporary crown is placed which serves as template around which the gums grow naturally.
  • Permanent crown placement – When the gums have grown in a natural manner to cover the base of the crown, the permanent crown is placed.

The whole procedure may take from eight months to a year which varies on case basis. The after effects initially may be swelling of the face but is temporary. Soft food which is neither too cold nor too hot should be taken to avoid complications. It is very important to clean the implant regularly for the procedure to be successful.


Potential Risks and Complications

However before going for an implant, a thorough check up is needed to check whether the implant is right for you. This includes taking x-rays of the jaw and CT scan to ensure enough bone structure present. Also this takes care of the site of the implant.

There are a few concerns that need to be taken care of before going in for implants.

  • Poor Bone Density – This is one of the major concerns. In patients with low bone density osseointegration may not occur leading to implant failure. Also if the teeth have been missing for a long time the body may direct calcium and phosphorous the two main determinants of good bone density to other parts leading to osseointegration failure. So it is advised to get the implants soon after teeth root loss is determined.
  • Gum Disease – People suffering from Gum disease may also face possible failure. So the gum disease should be properly taken care of before going in for implants.
  • Diabetes – In case of diabetes patients the healing is slow and may hinder the recovery. Hence all medical history should be shared and taken into account before going in for the implant.


In spite of the concerns it is a permanent solution to teeth loss. With proper care the implants can last for a life time. Unlike traditional false teeth (Dentures) it is just like having natural teeth. The implant is always there and the crown can be replaced when it wears out. But regular cleaning, flossing and checkups should be done to maintain the implant

Liver Disease

Progressive Liver disease
Progressive Liver disease


Liver is the largest gland in the human body, and the also the largest organ. It weighs approximately 3 to 3.5 pounds. It is the organ which fat emulsification. If your liver is not healthy you will face problems of not being able to digest fat. It can lead to toxifying of the body.

Liver disease is any disruption in the functioning of liver. The organ is so designed that even a small part of the liver can take up the full functionality. The major symptoms of liver disease are:

  • Nausea – It is one of the primary symptoms of liver disease.
  • Vomiting – When you cannot digest fat, vomiting occurs very regularly
  • Surface of the skin and eyes turning yellow – This is mixing of bile juice secreted by lever.
  • Right upper abdominal pain – This is an indication of the liver not functioning properly.

The major diseases of liver are:

  • Jaundice – The most common disease. It is a water borne disease. When bile which is required for breaking up fat molecules is produced in excess, then jaundice or Hepatitis occurs. It is of three types Hepatitis A, B and C. The only cure is rest and limiting intake of fat.
  • Liver Cancer – Cancer is one of the most common causes of failure. Unstopped growth of cells in liver leads to dysfunction of liver. Its main cause is excessive alcohol consumption, ingestion of chemicals/drugs or sometimes genetics. There is still no cure, and only option is liver transplant.
  • Liver cirrhosis – This is due to many reasons and is the last stage of liver disease. The liver shuts down exposing the body to toxins. The result is death and life can only be extended by dialysis, but for a limited period. Transplant is the only option.

Omron M2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

There are a number of fully automatic blood pressure monitors in the market, and the Omron M2 is certainly one of the best. It is incredibly simple and easy to use, which means that you don’t have to be technologically gifted in order to use this product. This is one of the main reasons why the Omron M2 has become a popular gadget in the blood pressure monitor market.

The Omron M2 has a small and simple design, making it portable. In fact, every aspect of its design makes it easy to use, especially for those who are older and those who are not too comfortable with using complicated technology. There is an easy-to-read display screen on the monitor which is ideal for senior citizens and those who have difficulty seeing. The blood pressure monitor is quite accurate as well, and it does not take too much time either. In a matter of minutes, you will have your blood pressure reading, one that is as accurate as the one you would have gotten at the doctor’s office.

The Omron M2 is an upper arm blood monitor and it’s fully automatic. It comes with Intellisense technology that makes sure that the arm cuff does not apply too much pressure on your arm, thereby giving an artificially high blood pressure learning. There is a hypertension indicator on the monitor that will let you know if your blood pressure reading is higher than the recommended level as well.

The blood pressure monitor comes in a number of different sizes to make sure that the cuff perfectly fits your arm. Omron is one of the leading healthcare gadget companies in the world- so you can most certainly trust it’s quality and the kind of warranty you receive from the same.

Bayer Didget’s Blood Glucose Monitor for Children

A number of children suffer from type 1 diabetes. The parents of these children have to do all they can in order to make sure that their children’s health does not suffer. These children will have to get into the habit of getting regular blood tests, which can be rather difficult. Children usually do not want to follow these habitual rituals, and it might not be possible for the parents to explain just how important these tests are on a regular basis. However, Bayer Diabetes Care has come up with an effective way of promoting good health practices among children.

Kids will always be kids, and they will be more likely to permit blood tests if they are fun. This is the idea they had in mind when they launched DIDGET. DIDGET is the first blood glucose monitor only for kids, and it promises to be a lot of fun. This is a gadget that connects the physical parts of the kid’s health with emotional well-being. The DIDGET is connected to Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite systems, which will allow them to make sugar testing fun.

The DIDGET system rewards kids for regularly testing blood sugar levels, for establishing personal sugar goals and for meeting these goals as well. These goals will allow kids to treat this like a game they enjoy playing, as opposed to a chore their parents are imposing on them. This can help promote discipline among the children, while at the same time ensuring good relations between the parents.

The DIDGET system’s connection to the Nintendo DS system allows kids to play games as well- the system is sold separately, but since the DIDGET is connected to the DS, children will be able to use their Bayer password on the DS, where they can collect and use points.

This product is ideal for parents with children who have type 1 diabetes, for it allows them to have fun now, while laying the path for a more disciplined future that will help them stay healthy.

Checking your own blood pressure

In order to make sure that you are prepared for the kind of health problems you might be facing in your life, you have to figure out if you are at risk of any diseases. If you think you might be at risk of cardiovascular disease, you should get yourself checked. Now, there are a number of gadgets you can use to do that at home, but if this is the first time you are doing it, it will be better for you to go to the hospital. The doctor’s office will be able to tell you if you are actually suffering from any heart problems you need to be looking out for.

However, it might not be possible for you to go to the doctor’s office every single time you want to check your blood pressure. This is why it is important for you to buy a heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor. This might be an investment right at the beginning, but in the long run, it will help you save a lot more money.

In case you are taking tests to check your blood pressure, and you are trying to keep it under control, you have to make sure you avoid the factors that are known to cause high blood pressure. Some of these causes include smoking, caffeine, stress, etc. Certain medication might also increase your blood pressure- you should look up any medication you are taking and see how they have affected your blood pressure too.

You can invest in a traditional blood pressure pump, which is slightly more difficult to use. There are a number of digital heart monitors on the market that are user friendly and are more accurate as well. You should measure your blood pressure on a regular basis- the regularity of the blood test will be determined by your doctor after considering your health condition. You should make sure that you record your blood pressure reading, along with the date. This way, you can see if you are making any progress or if you should extend your medication, as well.

A good heart monitor will be able to save you a lot of trouble in the future- as long as you are efficient about it.