Healthy foods for the heart

Healthy foods for the heart

If you include these healthy foods in your daily diet, the risk of cardiovascular disease can be reduced. They contain nutrients that help your heart become stronger. Let us investigate these healthy foods.

(1) Fish – Fish are generally high in Omega 3 acids. Omega 3 acids help regulate cholesterol levels in your blood, which in turn keeps the heart healthy.

(2) Nuts – Nuts contain fat, but they are a healthy fat. Walnuts and almonds are particularly good for heart health.

(3) Berries – Berries are really good for the immune system and the heart. You should especially try blueberries, cranberries, strawberries or raspberries. The best way is to eat them raw or mix them with yogurt.

(4) Tomatoes – Tomatoes are rich in the nutrient Lycopene. Lycopene boosts the body’s natural antioxidants that keep the heart healthy. According to research reports from South Korea, lycopene in tomatoes also protects against DNA damage.

(5) Broccoli – This vegetable has loads of nutrients like potassium, folate, calcium, fibre and Vitamins C and E. All of these are good for a healthy heart.

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