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2 Unique Home Remedies to Combat Sinus Infections

A bout of sinus infection makes one irritable because of the extreme discomfort it brings in its wake. The uncomfortable congestion often leads to aching facial muscles and dull headaches. Whether it is acute or chronic sinusitis; an easy and quick relief from the congestion is sought by one and all.

Before we discuss the simple but innovative ways in which you can combat sinusitis from the comfort of your home, let us just understand what sinusitis actually is. Sinuses are small cavities in skull that are actually filled with air. It is the responsibility of the sinuses to produce mucus and ensure that the air you breathe in is free of any allergens or pollutants before it is passed on to the lungs. An inflammation of the tissues that line the sinuses due to an infection or any other reason is known as sinusitis.

Due to the swelling the sinuses get blocked. The air and the mucus end up getting trapped in the sinuses. This is also the primary reason why a sinus infection leads to blockages and aches and pains.

The most common impulse is to resort to over the counter medicines. However, there are a lot of simple remedies that can give you instant relief from the oppression of sinusitis right at home.


  1. Proper Ventilation

Technology is a double edged sword. With the onset of heaters and air conditioners the need to keep a room or the house insulated has become a priority in households. This also means that the chances are higher that you are trapping stale air within the room making it work for the sinusitis instead of against it.

When you are suffering from sinusitis and you get a good, warm day; open the doors and windows once in a while and let the fresh air in. Let the sunlight in and allow it to filter your room and cleanse it of the bacteria. You will notice improvement in the discomfort you have been experiencing so far.

  1. Onion Steaming

It sounds funny and obnoxious but it is one the most effective treatments for instant relief from sinusitis. Chop up some onions and mince some garlic. Put them in a bowl. Add some boiling water to this mix. Take a towel and cover it over your head. Inhale the onion vapors for about ten minutes. You will feel the congestion begin to clear up.