Healthy food you should eat

Healthy food you Should Eat for Controlling Blood Pressure

Looking at a big piece of gateau you wonder how can something so sweet be so harmful? There is a direct correlation between blood pressure and the amount of sugar in the blood. The level of sugar in the blood is controlled by the hormone insulin. A healthy diet should be built around foods which control as opposed to spiking the level of blood sugar in your body. Healthy food that you should eat requires planning. When controlling blood pressure, the healthy food you should eat comprises of fruits and vegetables. Apples contain antioxidants; antioxidants protect blood vessels. Watermelons have been found to reduce the pressure of blood in the aorta. The extract causes the cells of the aorta to relax and exert less pressure. Bananas are a prime source of potassium. Potassium and sodium are like water and oil. As potassium intake goes up, more sodium dissolves in urine. Another healthy food you should eat is yogurt for the calcium. This is the mineral which keeps blood pumping at a normal rate. Garlic is an ingredient to be used in virtually every day to day meal as well as helping reduce blood pressure it is also known to reduce the probability of getting lung and prostate cancer. It is small, yet effective. Include vegetables such spinach in your diet. This is high in fiber, yet has low calories and excellent to help keep your blood pressure low. The key message is for each one of us to reduce sodium to curb high blood pressure.

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