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Cardiovascular diseases and assessing their risk

Cardiovascular diseases are diseases related to the heart. There are many variations of cardiovascular disease, but they are primarily caused by atheroma. Atheroma are like fatty lumps that can coat the lining of the blood vessels (arteries) in the heart. This can cause the arteries to harden and reduce the space blood has to flow through them. The location of the atheroma and the severity of it can cause a number of diseases such as heart attack, peripheral vascular diseases, etc.

It is not possible for one to say exactly when or how cardiovascular disease can affect a person. A number of factors contribute towards the development and growth of this form of disease. In general, adults over the age of 40 have a higher chance of developing cardiovascular disease. However, people under the age of 40 can also suffer this disease, provided they have a genetic or filial history of heart disease. This means that people whose immediate family suffered from particular forms of heart disease will be prone to the same, even at a younger age.

Your lifestyle could also have an impact on cardiovascular disease. In case you smoke or drink a lot of alcohol. Obese people, and those who do not get involved in enough physical activity for their age group and gender can also find themselves in the high risk category.

It would be a wise idea for one to get their risk assessed at an earlier stage so that they can start taking the right kind of treatment. Heart disease is something that can be kept at bay, as long as one is aware of its existence and is aware of the kind of measures they have to take against it.